All About Anne
Anne Smith continues to surprise not only by the quality of her work but also by the diversity of her technical prowess. She takes us off the beaten track with a fresh approach and innovating techniques, whilst elevating acrylics into the great landscape tradition

“I was attracted by the versatility of acrylic paint, its marvellous adaptability, a multitude of painting possibilities and its rapid drying time which means that I carry only one set of tubes and use the paint either diluted in washes on paper or thickly built up on canvas. The modern image of acrylic paint is appealing. The possibility of innovation exists. I feel freer rather than being tied down to a set of academic rules. Many of the techniques that I have are personal discoveries learnt the hard way through trial and error. Working outdoors with acrylics is simplified because the paintings dry quickly, are resistant and easily transportable.”

Anne Smith trained at Ravensbourne College of Art and Design (London) before moving to France in the 1980’s. She became one of the few woman to have ever been given the prestigious title ‘Peintre Officiel de la Marine” in 2005.
See her work at :
- Galerie Les Artistes et la Mer.
   9, rue de la Blatrerie (next to the cathedral) 35400 ST MALO.
- Galerie du chat noir. 11, rue du relais postal, 56200 LA GACILLY

In her studio/gallery, at La Gacilly, (Brittany, France) where she shows with the “Peintre official de la Marine” Jean Lemonnier, the sculptor.
On her website :

Bibliography :
"Quatre peintres de la Marine, regards sur les Thermes Marins de St Malo" avec Eric Bari, Jean-gabriel Montador et Ronan Olier, 2009
"Un Amour de Brest, Qu’est-ce qu’elle a ma ville" avec Hervé Hamon, Editions Dialogues 2008
"Cargo, Travaux et Rêveries Portuaires" (texte Hervé Hamon) éd. du Seuil, 2002
"de l’Abeille à l’Abeille" (texte Hervé Hamon) éd. du Seuil
"La Presqu’île de Crozon vue par les Peintres de la Marine" éd. Equator
Hors série Pratique des Arts N°11 « Les Grands Peintres de la Mer »
"Ile de Sein après l’Été" Géo n°282
" Le Zoo sur la Mer" Géo n°303
"Forcer la Porte du Port" Géo n°317

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